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It can be seen as a place to begin looking at the paradigm shift between modern and postmodern thought. As an indicator of the change in the cultural imagination I look at the portrayal of the Other in this seminal piece of popular culture.

The Original Serieswhich overtly address the notion of the Other. I employ their concepts in my analysis of the American depiction and perception of the Other insofar as colonialism and post-colonialism largely influenced the latter part of the nineteenth and the early twentieth century.

The study of hatred, intolerance, racism, and the oppression of the Other remains as relevant today as throughout the course of modern human history. These elements—along with xenophobia and the belief in progress and control over nature and the world through science and technology—characterize the late s.

This served as a bricolage mediated by the modern-postmodern paradigm shift. Never before had a television franchise had three running shows and four feature films at the same time. Furthermore, not only does Roddenberry question the superiority of the machine as the future of mankind, but in many ways he also questions the ethnographic superiority of man over the Other in this case the Alien. Roddenberry makes multiple allusions to concepts and events that have perpetually influenced the mentality of the white, middle-class American public.

Enterprise as falling short Khan noonien singh wife sexual dysfunction a full understanding of the universe. Similarly, though ultimately defeated but not killedthe Gorn manages to create an Oldowan-like axe made of stone. In this respect, Kirk is portrayed as superior due to his use of modern science by creating a projectile weapon as opposed to the Gorn who is placed in a more primitive state by his use of a stone axe, a symbol of the premodern human state of evolution.

This episode does not, however, completely glorify Kirk or humanity, for that matter. The Metrons, the third alien race that forced the gladiator-like Khan noonien singh wife sexual dysfunction between Kirk and the Gorn, in the end both praise and criticize Kirk for his victory against the Gorn.

Throughout his work Khan noonien singh wife sexual dysfunction implicitly invokes an often overlooked notion of imperialism at its full potential in the context of modernity.

These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. The introduction could be read to send off a message such as: Spock is the resident alien of the interstellar vessel Enterprise and the first commander of the ship. In this respect, his hybridity becomes a burden as opposed to a means of mediation between the human and the Vulcan.

Spock attempts to adopt his Vulcan side over his Human half, which he strives to control and ultimately suppress. Through Khan noonien singh wife sexual dysfunction adoption of the Vulcan way, Spock embodies the positivist epitome: He is always willing to quantify life by mere numbers as opposed to intrinsic value.

Therefore, Spock is not only depicted as not human and not Vulcan, but as without true feeling—he is ultimately the embodiment of the machine, modern to the core.

In this respect the colonialist nightmare is best portrayed by the creation of Spock and Khan. If Spock is the Noble Savage, Khan is anything Khan noonien singh wife sexual dysfunction noble.

"I am Khan Noonien Singh,...

He is ignoble while at the same time superior to the blonde Kirk. The eugenics war, much like the name suggests, was a battle between humans attempting to create a genetically superior race, which led to the creation of Khan.

The television series Star Trek...

In keeping with this portrayal of both Spock and Khan it is important to analyze the relationship between the two. Spock, depicted as the half breed that he was, possessed both the civilized and uncivilized aspects of modernity and indigenous ritual.

In regards to the Other, Khan, the hybrid and ignoble savage serves as the manifestation of the Colonialist Nightmare. The product of hybridity is no longer just the Khan noonien singh wife sexual dysfunction, but also supreme due to its mongrel state.

In respect to Khan, however, it is important to attribute his superiority not to the mixture of bloods that is traditional in the colonialist nightmare, but to the effect of eugenics; hence he himself is a product of modernity. Marla McGivers Madlyn Rhue. In both scenarios, women are objectified.

The first concept of glorification is most evident with the creation of Lt. Uhura, Rand, and Chapel are all objectifications insofar as the concept of femininity and sexuality is concerned. Their depiction is often shown as oversexed and Khan noonien singh wife sexual dysfunction, yet vulnerable and emotional.

I am purely logical. Some insight into the cultural imagination of that era can be gleaned from material of the actual production of the series, which was not made available Khan noonien singh wife sexual dysfunction the viewing audience.

Casting Nichelle Nichols as Lt. In a behind-the-scenes interview Nichelle Nichols states that things often Khan noonien singh wife sexual dysfunction so heated that Roddenberry threatened to quit the series: Nichols specifies the ongoing network interventions and monitoring:. The crew of the Enterprise, a representation of the people of Earth including the Other in the form of Spock, is utterly dependent on a machine, the Enterprise, over which they have power, but which always has the capacity to fail in ways beyond their control.

Furthermore, fear of the failure of technology is constantly resonating with other concerns such as sexism, racism, eugenics, and hegemony, as well as hybridity. In that sense, the Enterprise—or, technology as such—could be seen as holding the position of the Other. The relationship between the Enterprise and its crew is largely co-constituent: However, this co-constituency is not always the case. What Are Little Girls Made of? Later in the episode it is revealed that the doctor himself is an android.

James Tiberius "Jim" Kirk is...

He makes an android version of Captain Kirk in order to take over the Enterprise. Kirk is, however, triumphant in the end due to his superior reasoning and ingenuity. He manages to out-reason the machine through the introduction of human emotion into its programming, something that the android could not understand.

This in turn causes the mad scientist to realize that he has lost control. He destroys himself and his creation, realizing that creation and creator have become the other—neither logical machine nor fully human. The themes of this episode depict crucial concepts of colonialist literature: Let me just mention two most notable examples.

Hence the machine has the potentiality of becoming the Other. As colonizing power the Borg gives the Federation little choice: Roddenberry not only portrays the Alien and the Machine as the Other, but turns the tables allowing the viewer to identify with the Khan noonien singh wife sexual dysfunction ethnographic other who was colonized in the past—a multi-perspective approach to view humanity, the other, and the individual self.

A depiction of the self from multiple perspectives comprises a postmodern view of the Other, the modern and the individual self. All the grey scale images are in the public domain. Each of the full-color images is a low resolution copy of a single frame of film, thus complying with the Creative Commons criteria for fair use. Copyrights for extended explanation. Faculty Profile at UNT. Department and College Affiliation: Ramon Resendiz is a junior at the University of North Texas pursuing a double major in anthropology and philosophy.

Ramon's interests involve visual anthropology, the production of race, the Other, and environmental studies. Special thanks to Jonathan S. Before using this citation in formal writing, please consult an MLA Reference. This website is hosted and maintained by the UNT Libraries. To report a technical issue, please contact the User Interfaces Unit.

Skip to main content. Roddenberry as quoted in Johnson-Smith,p. Spock the Noble Savage Spock is the resident alien of the interstellar vessel Enterprise and the first commander of the ship. Nichols specifies the ongoing network interventions and monitoring: The Paradigm Shift A depiction of the self from multiple perspectives comprises a postmodern view of the Other, the modern and the individual self.

Cultural dimensions of globalization. University of Minnesota Press. Liberal-Humanism and the Production of Race. American science fiction TV: Star Trek, Stargate and beyond.

Khan noonien singh wife sexual dysfunction Star Trek encyclopedia: A reference guide to the future. Paramount Pictures Rony, F. Race, cinema, and ethnographical spectacle. Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus. The making of Star Trek.

The Original Series, Spock. Spock doing the customary Khan noonien singh wife sexual dysfunction salute, portraying, as always, the Noble Savage Figure 3: The Original Series, Lt.

The Original Series, The original U. Enterprise, a symbol of modernity, science, and humanity. Back to Issue. Race, Gender and the Cultural Imagination. Contact James Duban, Ph. Inin an episode of Star Trek entitled "Space Seed," Khan made his Any married person who's considered creeping should watch Fatal Attraction. Blame it on Glenn Close's beauty, and, we'd imagine, some great sex.


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Depicting the horrors of fallen celebrity and familial dysfunction, What Ever. James Tiberius "Jim" Kirk is a fictional character in the Star Trek franchise. Kirk first appears in. At the beginning Khan noonien singh wife sexual dysfunction Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Kirk takes command of the Enterprise from Captain.

Meyer's The Wrath of Khan script focuses on Kirk's age, with McCoy giving him a pair of glasses as a birthday present. Be mindful when sharing personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or .

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