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Having an intimidating faceless mask


The Faceless also come in bulk, as demonstrated by this subset of Mooks whose defining characteristic — apart from being evil, of course — is the lack of individual identity. They will wear matching uniforms and helmets or masks that Having an intimidating faceless mask obscure their facial features. Sometimes, the perpetually scowling lower portion of their faces may be visible, but their eyes will pretty much always be hidden, like under the brim of a helmet, behind Scary Shiny Glasses or malevolent looking masks especially gas masks or Rage Helmsor beneath an opaque visor.

Note that a balaclava or Ninja mask covers everything except the eyes, but goons wearing them still count. Note that a unique face as a symbol of identity means that You ALL Look Familiar allows for unmasked but identical mooks to be effectively Faceless. You'll never see any faceless goon Pet the Dogbut they'll have no problem kicking them by the basketload.

The reasons for this trope are largely matters of convenience. Most obviously, the faceless goon does not display emotion; hence, he does not display humanity. It's much easier to accept characters as evil and by extension, feel no tug of sympathy as wave after wave of them get wiped out by the heroes if you are able to forget that there's actually a human being behind each mask.

Not showing any pesky emotions to undercut their menace also adds quite a bit to the creepiness factor. There's also the fact that it's easier on the budgetas the Having an intimidating faceless mask can keep reusing the same ten extras without the audience catching on quickly.

It's also helpful in animation, because you only need Having an intimidating faceless mask design one character or render one model in the case of video games or CGI and one action figureand the fact some fans will want to make an "army" out of multiple goon toys. Plus, it makes it more convenient for the hero should he ever need to hide amongst their ranks. If even hurting them seems a bit extreme, you'll get Mecha-Mooks instead who are beaten till they show broken gears and sparks.

This can also serve as a justification for why the Big Bad has so many identical Having an intimidating faceless mask running around. Having an intimidating faceless mask variant of this trope often occurs in superhero comics, Having an intimidating faceless mask the various common criminals the hero can fight as a way to bring some action into the story. They are not given backgrounds or individual personalities beyond those of petty thugs, and are typically found robbing banks, mugging defenseless citizens, and committing other crimes that the hero must stop.

Of course, they never stand a chance. What's interesting to note is that in Real Life the Faceless Goons do have upsides; if someone is behind a mask or hood or even mirrored sunglasses they often no longer feel responsible for their own actions and obey commands especially very cruel ones more readily than if they were just in plain clothes.

A group of people wearing...

Possibly a case of Truth in Television. This can, however, backfire pretty badly. Looking a man in the eye and then killing him is a very hard thing to do. Covering a person's face, subconsciously supressing our recognition of them as human, makes killing them a lot easier on our willpower.

This may be why heroes never have trouble hitting the Faceless Goons, yet the Faceless Goons can't hit the hero not wearing a mask. These characters are usually Mooks.

It's not completely unknown for the good guys' Red Having an intimidating faceless mask Army to get this treatment, but nowhere near as common.

Should one of them lose their mask, they'll become a Uniformity Exception. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. You may not know who they are, but there's no mistaking what they are. Both the expendability and incompetence of the faceless goons are subverted in Black Lagoonwhere Balalaika's Russian ex-military mercenaries are easily the deadliest force on the show, and the murder of two of them leads to a city-wide manhunt.

Having an intimidating faceless mask to say, their life expectancy is pretty low. Higher-ranking Chess Pieces are allowed to wear distinctive earrings and custom masks, at which point this turns into Mask Power. Ninety percent of the Mooks wear uniforms with helmets that conceal their faces. The Iron Masks wear Greek-style helmets that cover the entire head save for the mouth and chin.

Becomes subverted in a horrific fashion when one of them has his helmet removed to reveal he is Having an intimidating faceless mask the upper half of his skull, removed by the Big Bad when the mook was Reforged into a Minion. The purpose of the helmets is not simply to protect their heads, but to replace their skulls and protect their brains.

The Iron Crosses have similar helmets that cover Having an intimidating faceless mask but the lower face, though their are more styled after WWI Nazi helmets. The Mycenae Empire's foot troops wear viking helmets covering their entire heads. All Vegan soldiers wear a green-and-yellow uniform a with full-head helmet topped with a tentacle-like shape that sport yellow, round eyes and weird, gill-like marks where their mouths would be.

Reversed in the third volume of Appleseedwhere the ESWAT team operates in suits of Powered Armor that are nearly identical only helmet markings and such tell them apartmaking them Faceless Heroes for a while. Marder's soldiers always wear a mouthless white mask that covers their heads fully and a blue helmet.

In Mobile Suit Gundam Wingthe Having an intimidating faceless mask of the evil OZ organisation, the Leo mobile suits, are quite literally faceless, and are also very, very pathetic.

In their case, the helmet is connected to the mobile Having an intimidating faceless mask computer, allowing the H. Massive subversions in Mobile Suit Gundam Unicornwhere a faceless, nameless grunt manages to give a Cyber-Newtype piloted Kshatriya a run for its money.

His buddies got shot down in about two seconds each, but this guy sure as hell wasn't going down without a fight. Subverted again in episode 4, where another nameless grunt piloting an outdated Byalant kicks supreme amounts of ass up and down the battlefield. However it otherwise is an aversion of the "all identical" part as damn near every individual enemy has their own distinct designs and most of them even have names although they're sometimes only given in the databooks.

The members of the ANBU are the closest thing to a good guy version, and even then they have different patterns of their masks and recognizable features not covered by their masks. Every marine in One Piece. Sometimes they even look the same.

To Luffy, they may even be Goddamned Bats. Also, almost every member from the Franky House in One Piece. They all have a face, some screentime and sometimes even a line to say but in the end they're just useless. The Big Bad from Bleach has a force called the Exequias meaning funeral rites. It consists of a large number of so-called Arrancar with identical masks, swords and clothing.

Technically speaking, they're not really arrancar: The Exequias consists solely of the captain, Rubodon. All the others are called Calaveras, they are creations produced by Rubodons ability. The most obvious is the group known to the fans as "The Hentai Horde"Having an intimidating faceless mask group of male club members, most notably the Kendo club, who tried to beat Akane in a fight each morning at school in order to be able to call themselves her boyfriend.

Another anime-only filler episode has Genma apparently stumble into a lost village filled with veritable clones of Nerima cast members, the Kuno clone commanding a squad of ninjas and who orders them to attack the man-turned-panda with the opening quote. Kodachi's Rhythmic Gymnastic Team, Mariko's cheerleading team, Mikado and Azusa have a group that they use for practice, Phoenix soldiers, principal has the teachers be this wearing costumes, etc. Shuutaro Mendo has minions who vaguely resemble "G-Men" or bodyguards, while his sister Ryoko is attended by Kuroko.

Inverted in Samurai Gun as it's the good guys wear face-concealing helmets, as they're rebels against the Shogunate.

The sinister Guy Fawkes masks...

In Code Geassmany of the low-rank Britannian foot soldiers wear complete face-concealing masks, with one of the main characters actually starting out as one. Later on, when Lelouch becomes The Emperorhe brainwashes an entire army into being his slaves, and has them all wear masks.

He also uses them for We Have Reserves tactics. They are shown as jerks on one occasion, threatening Kirihara, and tend to get unceremoniously killed by Contractors. Prefectural Earth Defense Force: The Phone Pole Team had its Mooks wearing plain white full-face masks with "underling" written on them. English-speaking fans quickly dubbed them the "Faceless Minions"which has subsequently been used in some translations. The Disith soldiers in Last Exile are always seen wearing face masks Soon Having an intimidating faceless mask, the two sides start working together against their greater enemy, The Guild.

Subverted in the manga, at least, in that we sometimes see individual Torumekian soldiers without their masks. Then, of course, there are the gas masks required for anyone traveling in the Toxic Jungle, but that's another matter.

Science Ninja Team Gatchaman. Slightly subverted in that the Commander of the Week is also usually masked, but wears a far more Secret of Cerulean Sand: Harry Killer's men all wear masks, except for Morilirewhich Captain Marsenay and Barsac eventually use to their advantage in order to infiltrate Neo City. Despite all the characters in the SAO world being real people, many guilds' armies are composed of nothing but faceless goons.

Marvel Comics have Hydrawhose members all wear identical green masked outfits. The motto of the group is "Cut off a limb and two more will take its place", referencing the monster that is their namesake and lampshading the fact that these guys aren't individuals. Other Marvel villain groups, A. Parodied in Deadpool volume 4 23, where the Ultimatum Mooks can't tell each other apart and can't tell if a Mook named Rick had just been killed or not.

One suggests a mnemonic system to Having an intimidating faceless mask them apart suggesting "Rick" could wear a red beret with an R Having an intimidating faceless mask it.

In general, eyeless or faceless...

The fully armored Hyrule guards appear in the The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past comic adaptation in Nintendo Power. Likely done to tone down the violence for the young gaming audience. The Immortals from In real life, however, they were called "Immortals" simply because the reserves standing by to replace any who fell kept the number of the unit at precisely 10, men. The Adversary's wooden 'sons' are usually carved 'in his image', so while their faces can often be seen, they tend to all look the same.

Interesting inverted with Judge Dredd: The Mooks of The Hellfire Club all wear the same masks with slits in them, but can emote pretty well through them sometimes. While the League of Assassins has Elite Mooks and other members who get faces and characterization it is mostly made up of ninjas wearing matching black outfits and masks that hide everything but their eyes.

The Shozokus in A Growing Affection wear traditional ninja uniforms, including full face masks. Shozokus are required to be anonymous while working. The Huns in Disney's Mulanspecifically in the scene where thousands of them stampede down a snowbank to attack the good guys.

Aside from Having an intimidating faceless mask evil Shan Yu and a few of his sketchy malicious pals, all his minions qualify as faceless goons. Having an intimidating faceless mask The Incrediblesthough not voiceless.

When we met, Leikeli47 was wearing an orange mask and gray and her upbeat attitude caught me off guard, although it shouldn't have. effort at intimidation but rather an emblem of what she wants people to ignore. The sinister Guy Fawkes masks made famous by the film V for Vendetta have of a huge crowd - making a statement against a faceless corporation.

with Anonymous hacker attacks, "which is scary but also ridiculous - you. They will wear matching uniforms and helmets or masks that completely Scary Shiny Glasses or malevolent looking masks (especially gas masks or Having an intimidating faceless mask You'll never see any faceless goon Pet the Dog, but they'll have no problem.

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