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Hookup a guy with a foot fetish


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Foot Fetish Dating The...

Help make the site even better by getting involved and donating! Man How old are you? Australia Highest education received: Heterosexual How many sexual partners have you had in your life including oral sex? What did they look like? How well did you know them, had you hooked up before? How did you feel about them before the hookup?

Lian is a young Chinese woman, age She is studying in Australia. Her English is very good and she seemed to be quite smart. She apparently wants to stay in Australia Hookup a guy with a foot fetish is looking for an Australian husband.

Lian is petite, has long dark hair, light bronze skin, brown eyes and wears glasses. She has a little bit of a belly, but is certainly pretty enough for me. What led to it? I am recently divorced and thus started looking for a new partner. I have this idea stuck in my head that I would really love to be with a young woman once again I found a specific age gap dating site and decided that I could afford giving it a try.

I have a foot fetish...

Hookup a guy with a foot fetish to say, it took quite a while and many unanswered emails until I got a reply. This is the story of my unlikely success, even though it turned out only to be a one night stand. I met Lian via this age gap dating site I mentioned. After a brief exchange of emails and photos, I invited her to a very cosy tapas bar. Lian told me she does not drink alcohol at all, so I decided I could take my car into the CBD to meet up with her.

It was obvious that she wanted to present herself to me as sexy. She was wearing a silken blouse, short shorts and — sandals. I am an avid foot lover and could not help myself to peek at her most adorable, cute feet time and time again during our date.

Lian was all business. She was already negotiating a partnership while I was just trying to get to know her. She was Hookup a guy with a foot fetish to the point and declared that she was looking for a partner and would indeed like it if he was a bit older than her. She was looking for financial security.

She really said that.

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I could tell that she is a materialist, driven by ambition. Lian asked me many questions regarding my work and my worldly possessions. I have to admit that as the date went on, I was more interested in her looks and youth than in her personality. Please understand that I initially was not hoping to have an immediate sexual encounter with her at all.

I had just jumped at the opportunity to meet up with an attractive young lady and went in without much expectation.

Lian had noticed that I was checking out her feet time and time again. Towards the end of our meal, she giggled and asked me whether I liked her feet. I was bluntly honest with her and answered that I adored her cute feet. She slipped off one of her sandals and placed her foot on my thigh and smiled at me, inviting me to touch her foot. As I Hookup a guy with a foot fetish above, I am a foot worshipper and got an instant boner.

If Lian had wanted to seduce me, she had found the perfect way. I enthusiastically started giving her a foot massage, feeling her well pedicured toes and sole.

The foot was soft and silken, her nails were covered with transparent polish. I could not resist, lost a bit of self-control and lifted her foot to my mouth, kissed her big toe. I had virtually Hookup a guy with a foot fetish that I was in a public place.

Fortunately for me, Lian did not seem to be disgusted Hookup a guy with a foot fetish at leas embarrassed by my behaviour. The conversation went on with her foot resting on my thigh and me rubbing it softly. Since I am an architect, the conversation soon turned to houses and she asked me about mine.

I was very horny at that point and went for it: I asked her whether she would like to see it, I would be happy to take her there.

To my surprise, Lian agreed to go there straight away. We left the tapas bar and went to my house in my car. On the way, Lian complimented on my car which she considered luxurious.

I showed Hookup a guy with a foot fetish around my house. During the tour, I explained to her that I had such a big place for myself because my wife had left me, taking my son with her. What sexual behaviors took place e.

How did you feel during it?

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How did they behave toward you? Were they a good lover? What did you Hookup a guy with a foot fetish about? How did it end? When I showed her the bedroom, Lian smirked at me and asked whether I would like to touch her feet again. I obviously accepted the invitation and so she took off her sandals, hopped on the bed and held her cute feet to my face.

I sat down next to her and literally buried my face into her feet. I put each of her toes into my mouth, licked her soles and kissed every square centimetre of her feet.

I was in foot fetish heaven! Next time I Hookup a guy with a foot fetish up I noticed that Lian had taken off her blouse and was undoing her bra.

I've been with two guys...

Lian was getting ready for love! I could not believe how lucky I was. Our tongues met inside her mouth. I played with her boobies.

Lian has those remarkably long nipples, almost Hookup a guy with a foot fetish if she was pregnant. Lian went for my crotch and opened my pants. I had the boner of my life. She sucked my cock, lying in front of me on all fours. Her bum was sticking up in the air, still covered by her short shorts. I saw her bra lying on the floor next to my bed. I could not believe this was really happening. I had just met that girl about two hours ago and she was already hanging on my dick!

Certainly not what I had expected to happen that evening, but I acted confident and took off my shirt. Lian let go of my penis, laid on her back and took care of me with her young, wonderful feet again.

She pressed them against my face, then they wandered down my chest and she finally started to give me the most divine foot job. In this moment I felt that nothing better could happen for the rest of my life. This was it, the highlight of my sexual life as a foot fetishist. Lian seemed to Hookup a guy with a foot fetish happy to oblige and let me indulge in my strongest desire. She tickled my balls with her toes while I sucked on the toes of the other foot.

My tongue was all over her feet. Lian then pressed my cock tightly between her marvellous feet and started rubbing it. The footjob was intense. I moaned with pleasure.

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She must have practiced this kind of love with other men, which is hardly surprising. This is where I lost control.

I pushed her feet aside fearing that I would otherwise ejaculate. I jumped on her, kissed her wildly and pulled off both her shorts and undies at once. The sight of her love triangle consisting of shiny black pubic hair filled me with even more lust.

Lian was ready for it and directed my penis into her wet vagina. I thought about the condoms I had in my drawer for the case that I ever get lucky, but for some reason, Lian let me in bareback.

We kissed as I fucked her in the missionary position. I snuck in licking her armpit a little bit. It's mostly men who have a foot fetish, and that's okay because there are plenty of women who would love to have their feet worshipped.

What exactly is a foot fetish and how can it impact your sex Hookup a guy with a foot fetish “For men with a foot fetish Hookup a guy with a foot fetish may be the only thing that gets them aroused and psychiatrists of the exact 'wiring' of this or any other sexual fetish, it is a.

I've been with two guys with pretty minor (just something they liked to dabble in now and then) foot fetishes. One was still kind of figuring it out.

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