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Lux and ez real dating apps


So here's why I'm generally against the Lux x Ezreal Lux and ez real dating apps, but why it's fine even if it's not perfect:. Honestly felt like Taliyah or Sivir have more going for them than Lux did but Luxreal has been such a long lasting ship they didnt want to sink it im guessing and I personally dislike that to some a guy cant be effeminate without being labelled gay or something. I would love some Ezreal x Taliyah, but which age is Ezreal exactly?

Because she's really young. She's approximatelyand Ezreal is approximately so yeah, that's a definite no. I'm speaking only from United States experience, and a rather narrow perspective at that rich, light-skinned, skinny Which is absolute bananas. I might be remembering it wrong though.

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Ezreal with Lux is still my favorite ship, but I do like his ships with pretty much anyone, be it Sona, Taric, Shyvana's leg, or whomever. I just hate the "Ez is gay" endless joke that never dies.

So here's why I'm generally...

Even Graves's missing Cigar has been fading. It's just got so much prejudice packed into it that it's annoying. Ranting aside, Ezreal canonically likes Lux, so I'm excited for some new characters that break the traditional romantic mold.

So there's no way, when Rito is a good old straight, white boy's club, that you'd ever have Tryndamere or Ezreal be gay. Hence why they're both in canonically straight pairings. Don't make the immediate assumption that someone is straight merely based on what you, as an observer, perceive as a straight relationship. I mean, are you claiming that all black men in Runeterra must be single, like in nearly every fictional fantasy universe save for maybe Thedas Dragon Age? Are you also claiming that fidelity and monogamy is "being a good person"?

How many people get remarried after being widowed? He isn't single though, his wife has been abducted by a soul stealing ghost whom he is dedicating his life to hunting down.

You guys have some fucked up imagination. Lux and ez real dating apps the stubbornness that a guy who has a pretty romantic wife should have a crazy change of heart like that instead of just using other characters. Desperation like that only leads people to not take the LGTB community seriously as things like this seemed force and out of place.

Especially when I call out how stupid the idea Lux and ez real dating apps, they try to shame me as if I walked in on an actual gay marriage to object to it.

Yea i dunno either, i mean were talking about fictional characters relationship in a game where we kill each other, im good without couple shit getting in the way, somw guy even wanted ez lux to be a teans lesbian couple like wtf xD.

I know that that league Lux and ez real dating apps not diverse and comes off as ethnocentric not the community the champions. Ezreal loves Lux and is trying to save her or something from Noxian kidnappers Draven? Hires the help of Sivir and her bandits - Sivir falls in love with Ezreal and is obviously the Lux and ez real dating apps prtnwr.

It's absolutely pathetic given just how many champions exist. There are nearly champions at the time of this writing. Lux-Ezreal was the most recent decision that Rito made.

Xayah-Rakan was the second-most-recent. Kat-Garen was before that. Here's what has literally happened: I'll be like, "Lux-Ezreal bothers me. Yet another light-skinned Hetero pairing.

Don't blame my ship!

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Don't blame my pairing! Unfortunately, with everyone wanting to separate their faves, their fandoms, their ships from the problem, then no one ACTUALLY takes responsibility for what continues to be the pattern and the norm. Trust me, I used to act this way too. I was like, "But Neverwinter Nights! Don't blame my favorite game! The most recent light-skinned, Hetero pairing is Kayn-Jinx in the Odyssey trailer At least Kayn is ambiguously Asian, much like Xayah is ambiguously Asian, but still.

I'm damn tired of seeing only the white Lux and ez real dating apps cosplay couples at PAX or animu cons getting validated and praised. Also make it poly so they can like Ofc riot will never do this so i hope they either make ez and taric canon or just completely ignore any relationship if all they are willing to do is het stuff. Damn, there's NO way Lux and ez real dating apps make Ezreal transgender but I can dream, right? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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So here's why I'm generally against the Lux x Ezreal ship, but why it's fine even if it's not perfect: If you're a narcissist, and Ezreal is arguably into himself we'll get into this laterwhy you'd date someone as blond and blue-eyed as yourself, with the same amount of pluck, spark hahsass, and goody-goody is beyond me.

Invest in a mirror. If we're looking at the Lux and ez real dating apps as a whole, Lux is veritably more damaged, more complex, and more interesting than Ezreal.

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I brought this up in a previous post, but Lux is well above him, in terms of economic status. She's practically a servant of the royal family, which means you get to be like Queen Amidala's handmaidens. He's a decent but relative nobody with wealth and a good family name. You don't just get to "meet" the royal court of Demacia if you're diddly shit from Piltover. Even if you're the adventuring sort. Maybe Lux and ez real dating apps could gain an audience.

This wouldn't be such a problem in an isolated incident But I'll be quite frank - when talking to my friends gay AND straight who are mixed or interracial couples, there are actually NO League pairings that they can cosplay, and that's just fucking sad. Sure, you can say Lucian, but you don't actually get to meet his wife, nor is she a playable champion. Why is lack of black-white, Asian-Latinx, etc. Why is it important to see yourself reflected in fictional universes?

If you play games and like to have fun at conventions like any other weeb, and there's practically NO video game characters who look like you and your significant other in League, in Overwatch, in Elder Scrolls, in Final Fantasy, in Legend of Zelda, in Kingdom Hearts, etc Then you start to wonder: The same can be said about size, because Lux and ez real dating apps individuals are according to fictional universes always the best friend, but never the boyfriend and never the princess.

Nevertheless, due to the toxic nature of the League playerbase, if anyone gets heat for being a pretty boy, it's our boi Ezreal. Jealousy runs rampant, especially among privileged folk who have never experienced bullying or exclusion quite to the extent that certain other people have So Ezreal is the de-facto target for being gay or being effeminate because apparently the worst things you can do other than miss half your CS in lane is be a sissy.

To make Lux and ez real dating apps instead like Sneaky - a pretty boy who can wear pretty things, and look better in high heels than the average ciswoman, but still be heterosexual AND in a romantic relationship, is actually rather refreshing. It's a "take that" sort of scenario. I still ship Lucian-Ezreal though. That High Noon skin. Hey Lucian, you know I'm a cowboy too. Mmmm I promised I'd cover the narcissism, and I will: Ezreal doesn't have many redeeming qualities currently.

He's a lot of talk and bravado. Hopefully with the rework, he'll have more of a reason for being a show-off. Want to add to the discussion?

She is canonically Especially a man if it is tresh who took his wife? The wife could be trans or gender-non-conforming. Lucian himself could be bisexual. Are you claiming Lucian shouldn't be true to his wife? Are you saying he should abandone his wife? Shes like, "fridged" anyway we know next to nothing about his wife, he and his wife could have easily been in a loving polyamourus relationship and he could join with a boyfriend to hunt down thresh which would not involve abandoning his wife Making little things severe makes the actual problems in society look petty.

Unsure This was excluding no homsapien champions Like WW So I think that people need to realize that there is limited diversity in the champion pool. But this Lux and ez real dating apps make Rito realize they need to diversify their relation, Lastly I totally have a love triangle ship going on Ezreal loves Lux and is trying to save her or something from Noxian kidnappers Draven? Give me that Ezreal-Sivir or Hello community, I have decided to make these kind of champion relationship posts where I explain di.

Lux/Quotes. Lux · Edit · History Star Guardian Lux Lux laughs. Ezreal. " Are we supposed to be dating or something? We've never even talked.". So here's why I'm generally against the Lux x Ezreal ship, but why it's fine even if it's not perfect: ​ 1. Lux is like dating yourself.

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