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Focusing on historical accuracy, large...

We wanted to throw the spotlight on a few of our own, so rounded up some staff members at AMD to share what they have inside their PCs.

My rig story is simple: Needed to update my work PC to keep following Star Citizen development. Having windows booting from a M. Fury X was the chosen card to display the 4K beauty from Star Citizen. That only lasted for 30 minutes…. Jake Francis Software Engineering Technician. Liam Gallagher Software Product Marketing.

For Radeon-related news, announcements, events and giveaways, follow us on our social media — FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Links to third party sites and references to third party trademarks are provided for convenience and illustrative purposes only.

Unless explicitly stated, AMD is not responsible for the contents of such links, and no third party endorsement of AMD or any of its products is implied. On Far Crywe want to be pushing what we can do graphically. AMD gives us that. If Curve game meme dating benchmarks pc own a FreeSync technology-capable monitor, our stutter-free technology will work with the GPU to keep those frames smooth.

Our Raise the Game Fully Loaded bundle is now available.

Waiting on 4K/Hz. Gaming Memes,...

Pick up the bundle at a participating retailer - check here for more details. PC manufacturers may vary configurations yielding different results. Using Call of Duty: Offer available through participating retailers only. Following purchase, Coupon Code must be redeemed by April 6,after which coupon is void. Residency and additional limitations Curve game meme dating benchmarks pc. Annie Lee is Sr.

Take a look at the photos below and hear about what inspired his snowy, sophisticated build:. What inspired you to start building PCs? Do you remember the first PC you built?

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I can comfortably say AMD inspired me to start building my own PCs, because it was just in March of this year when the Ryzen platform was released that I built my first system for personal use from the ground-up. The price of most workstation-class GPUs and the lack of available water blocks for them made the Vega FE a no-brainer in this regard I go into more detail on my YouTube channel and the build page on PCPartPicker for anyone who is interested. I did an incredible amount of nocturnal research ahead of time and even went so far as to completely design the computer in 3D before anything was purchased to make sure the physical design would work at the most basic level.

Specifically, the massive mm radiator is not listed as being officially supported by the case manufacturer.

I saw one bad cell phone picture on a lonely forum post on overclock. That single image was enough for me to commit to the design and project. I also lacked the detailed specs I needed from the case manufacturer ahead of time. I went ahead and edited down, and Curve game meme dating benchmarks pc my entire build with commentary on my YouTube channel in a single playlist showing the issues I ran into along the way. This included the CPU water block nearly ending the project long before flipping the power switch on for the first time.

I completely devoured several YouTube channels with water-cooling content over the course of a short few weeks, while designing the build in 3D Rhino. PCPartPicker was also an invaluable resource. I did, however, get a in a second-hand machine a few years ago and it ran the original Skyrim like a dream. My experience gaming Curve game meme dating benchmarks pc that GPU, along with the reasons I already mentioned, supported the decision to go with Radeon for this Curve game meme dating benchmarks pc. I expect the Vega Frontier Edition to be able to hold its own for several years to come.

What games are you currently playing? Which upcoming ones are you most excited for? But I have to play that game in moderation, because playing in 4K is both new and Curve game meme dating benchmarks pc to me. Ghost Recon Wildlands is generally just a beautiful experience. I am really excited to play back through many games from my past like, the Far Cry series, Skyrim with new textures, Dying Lightseveral Wolfenstein titles, and so many others.

For upcoming games, the sky is the limit. I intend to spend a lot of time in games that I can create myself now, using various design platforms and dumping everything into my own environments in Unreal Engine. My introduction to VR will likely be a part of those projects in the coming months. Written by Annie Lee and Jason Evangelho.

We share tips and tweaks. We count down the minutes until our most anticipated titles are released. For enthusiasts, the hardware we use to game can be an equally important aspect of our gamer identity. Now new hardware is within reach. Gamers are passionate about the industry and know exactly what they want: Those limits, of course, are usually enforced by your hardware.

And together with its next-generation geometry path and enhanced pixel engine, the focus is on speed and precision in demanding games, capable of effortlessly carrying you into high-performance bliss. Even though Radeon RX Vega brings thrilling possibilities to how far we can push our visuals, there are several other factors shaping the ultimate gaming experience. Radeon has a solution for all of them. A powerful graphics card can do incredible things on its own, but add to it an ecosystem of equally powerful partners and you have a technologically harmonic, incredible gaming machine.

Radeon FreeSync 2 3 delivers smooth gameplay with stunning HDR pixel quality, and keeps gameplay at low latency without sacrificing framerates. Beginning with Samsung CHG70 and the ultrawide, curved CHG90, gamers will have greater options than ever to achieve a visually incredible experience. Ongoing driver support is one of our top priorities, ensuring gamers will have the most up-to-date tools for Radeon RX Curve game meme dating benchmarks pc. This blog contains forward-looking statements concerning Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Investors are cautioned that the forward-looking statements in this blog are based on current beliefs, assumptions and expectations, speak Curve game meme dating benchmarks pc as of the date of this blog and involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from current expectations. Recently, Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios hosted a series of worldwide events to preview their upcoming game Prey.

Since the project was first announced at E3fans have been excited to see how the mad-genius developers at Arkane would reimagine the Prey universe. The Radeon team was lucky enough to be asked to participate in these events. Not only did all of the demonstration systems run on AMD Radeon graphics, but two select AMD employees were also given the opportunity to preview the game at both the West Coast and East Coast legs of the Prey preview tour.

Check out our thoughts below. Jason MegitNYC event:. Multiple snowstorms and the resulting flight delays could not stop me from making my way to Manhattan to get a special sneak preview of Prey. I entered the venue and was instantly greeted by a team of Bethesda employees. There were 15 Curve game meme dating benchmarks pc configured AMD Radeon-equipped rigs set up throughout the room, all sitting on the title screen for Prey.

Pleasantries were exchanged, but it did not take me long to take a seat and give Prey Curve game meme dating benchmarks pc try! The playable demonstration showcased the first hour of the game and I was immediately enthralled by the experience. I have tested many early-builds of games over the years, and it is quite rare to witness a game so Curve game meme dating benchmarks pc optimized and polished months out from its release.

After spending just under an hour with the game, I can tell you that I am most excited for the following:. Liam GallagherSan Francisco and L. Zero gravity, aliens that turn into environmental objects and a glue gun to fight them with — what else could I ask for on a futuristic space station!

Having the Curve game meme dating benchmarks pc to fly down to S. Oh, what pure excitement that gave me! Prey surpassed my expectations. It lets you decide how you would like to play the game: Are you a run-n-gun player? A stealthy character who hides in the shadows? Or, are you going to take advantage of the futuristic weapons and devise some entirely new strategy? Each experience was different; I found new rooms, new weapons and new side-stories that I missed in an earlier play-through.

2. Dell XPS 13

How was the performance? Will my rig be enough? How many sweet, sweet frames can I pump out of my shiny new Radeon graphics card? Prey puts the fun back into fighting for your life on a space Curve game meme dating benchmarks pc overrun by aliens.

For more Radeon news, follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram for more sneak peeks and exclusive looks into events and launches. The sheer fact that Mimics, a type of alien in the Typhon family, are able to take on the form of everyday objects makes me look twice before entering any room or examining any object.

We checked out flaming drinks, watched intricate balloon Vault Boys get created before our eyes, had caricature artists put our likeness into the world of Dishonoredand Curve game meme dating benchmarks pc some intense after-dark Quake Champions matches.

The New Colossus on a massive outdoor screen. The pre-E3 excitement ramped up at the Ubisoft conference, where we literally wept tears of happiness at the announcement of Beyond Good and Evil 2saw some intense live gameplay from Far Cry 5and even cheered on the legend himself — Shigeru Miyamoto — as Curve game meme dating benchmarks pc took the stage in a surprise appearance.

On Tuesday we loaded up on hand sanitizer, caffeine, and an iron will to survive the crowds, and navigated through the colossal billboards and unreleased games. Jason EvangelhoSr. A few people Curve game meme dating benchmarks pc standing around it and admiring the rig. We asked him some questions about the build—check out the PC in more detail below and admire the stunning craftsmanship!

All the components are seated behind an amazing inch curved display with a x “Aura spawns a new class of high-performance PCs by replacing the However, US and Canadian citizens can pre-order one now; with an estimated ship date of “end July ”.

12 amusing videogame memes. Focusing on historical accuracy, large scale battles, a difficult learning curve and an intense need for cohesion, communication and teamwork.

Release Date: Aug 9, Post Scriptum is a WW2 simulation game, focusing on historical accuracy, large OS: Windows 7 SP1 (x64), Windows 8 (x64), Windows 10 (x64). 2 days ago My rig story is simple: Needed to update my work PC to keep. gets you a key to these games that'll unlock on their respective release dates: Testing done by AMD performance labs November 6, using an Intel.

export_gif Beginning with Samsung CHG70 and the Curve game meme dating benchmarks pc, curved CHG

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