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Zach and jenna the challenge dating sim


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On tonight's Challenge episode, though,...

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STATUS: Back together?

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HISTORY: After falling for each other on Exes II, Jenna and Zach became a fan-favorite duo until it was revealed he cheated on her. Challenge Final Reckoning Team Preview: Amanda Garcia & Zach Amanda spread the rumor even more to nettle Jenna and get her off her A-game as Zach was in the house and He Zach and jenna the challenge dating sim dating Jenna for the third time now.

Both Zach and Jenna have...

The latest Tweets from Zach Nichols (@ZNichols15). Gonna be with Jenna later today, hit this link up for a personal video from us. IT'S CHALLENGE DAY! . obsessively attacked his girlfriend, who wished death on animals, who never.

The latest Tweets from Zach...

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